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c100 form

Have you been advised you need a C100 court form, but aren't exactly sure what it is? Well, don't worry, we'll explain it in simple, easy-to-understand language to help make your decision of what's right for your family that little bit easier. 

What is the C100 Court Form?

This form is most commonly used when you are seeking a Child Arrangement Order in respect of your children or grandchildren. It is the most common form to apply for Orders in the family courts in England and Wales when there are no other cases regarding custody of children going on. 

How is a C100 Custody Court Form Used?

This form should be used to apply for the following types of orders:

1.    Child Arrangement Order - to cover where the child lives and whom the child spends time with (these were previously called residence and contact orders)

2.    Prohibited Steps Order - to prevent an action, regardless of parental responsibilites

3.    Specific Issue Order - to give direction regarding a specific question of parental responsibility

How Much Will a C100 Form Cost?

The court fee for lodging this application is currently set at £215.

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Howells Can Help with Your Custody Issues 

We offer 30 minute no obligation free consultations here at Howells. Our specialist solicitors can complete the necessary application on your behalf and file it court for you. We can also talk you through the court process and represent you at court should you feel this is too overwhelming or stressful to deal with alone. 

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To book your appointment with a specialist in our team call one of our regional offices, alternatively complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back at a time that’s convenient for you.    



Applicant – The person applying for the Order

Respondent - The other party involved in, and who will be replying to, your application to court. If you are a separating parent, this will most likely be the child(ren)’s other parent. In cases where the child lives with grandparents they will be the Respondents however the other child(ren)’s parent with Parental Responsibility will also need to be served with the papers.

CAFCASS - The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

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