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The term “leasehold” can often prove scary and daunting to sellers. The thought of having to deal with all the leasehold aspects of a conveyancing transaction can sometimes appear to be more complicated than it really needs to be, when the truth of it is, a leasehold transaction need not delay your move by weeks upon weeks; providing you and your solicitor have prepared as much as possible in advance.

Read my brief overview of the use of a management pack in the leasehold sale process below: More...

If you, or someone you love, have recently been involved in an accident or has become the victim of medical negligence, I’m sure you will have questions. This was the case for the below clients, who got in touch with our team of personal injury and medical negligence solicitors seeking advice and legal guidance.

All scenarios below are genuine questions that our Head of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury, Sue Edwards, has been asked by her clients. Obviously, for confidentiality reasons, we have changed the names and further details we felt too personal to the case. More...

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Olympic cyclist, Jess Varnish, made claims at the Manchester Employment Tribunal that she was subject to unlawful detriments having made protected disclosures (a.k.a. whistle blown). This centred on the termination and non-renewal of her Podium Performance Agreement when she was a professional cyclist with the GB Cycling team.

But she never got as far as finding out whether her claim was valid, because the tribunal found that she was not an “employee” or a “worker” and so didn’t have the correct employment status to bring the whistleblowing claim at all.

But the challenges wouldn’t have ended there. More...

Gemma Bailey, Partner and Head of Employment Litigation and Disputes here at Howells, has been providing her professional observations to WalesOnline (read the full article hereregarding the practical challenges for those of us with mental health problems and our rights regarding taking time off work to manage them. More...

With effect from 15th February 2015 EU Regulations on Consumer Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) allow consumers who bought our services online to submit their complaint via an online complaint portal.

We are required under the regulations to provide our clients the following information:-
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  2. Our contact email address in case of a complaint under the ODR regulation – Andrea Coombes