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If you follow our blog, then you’ll know we recently published our advice on whether you can seek compensation if your operation is cancelled due to Covid-19. Well, it’s not just surgeries that are being delayed due to the risk of infection.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be life changing and statistics suggest that 1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. So, it is understandable that thousands of people are going through treatment at any given time, something that has been affected for many going through this experience during the pandemic. More...

Since April 15th, the NHS has been forced to cancel non-emergency operations due to the strain of the Coronavirus outbreak. But what are your rights if an operation that would improve your life has been cancelled, and how long are you expected to wait for a rescheduled date?

Find out more about Coronavirus surgery cancellations, how to complain about a cancelled operation and whether you are entitled to compensation below. More...