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Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Being bullied at work is absolutely unacceptable at every level of employment. At Howells, our experienced team of solicitors work with you to help you combat this type of situation. We are a sensitive and caring legal firm, with the expertise and experience to make your case a success.

We are a sizable solicitors with a small company ethos, which means that we strive to get to know each client on a personal level in order to provide the support, guidance, services and outcome they need.

What Constitutes Harassment and Bullying at Work?

Harassment at work can take many forms and every individual circumstance is different. Some typical examples include:
  • Being regularly picked on
  • Being humiliated in the workplace
  • Regularly facing unfair treatment
  • Being the victim of physical or verbal abuse
  • Finding yourself the scapegoat for others’ errors
  • Being given too much work which you cannot possibly complete
  • Being threatened with the sack
  • Being intentionally overlooked for promotion and training opportunities
These are not the only ways in which this type of activity can manifest. Instances occur in a vast range of forms and in many mediums, from phone calls to emails, in writing or in person.

How can Howells Help?

If you have not been able to resolve the issues through your employer’s grievance procedures, you may need to take legal action through an Employment Tribunal. In these cases, Howells solicitors can help. We are sensitive solicitors with the experience and the drive to ensure you receive the very best representation.

To find out more about how to fight this type of situation, speak with our expert team of bullying at work solicitors on 0808 178 2773, email: or submit an enquiry form online now.

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