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What is Whistleblowing?

Sometimes known as a “public interest disclosure”, a “protected disclosure” or a “qualifying disclosure”, blowing the whistle is essentially speaking up about wrongdoing in the workplace.

The law gives certain statutory protections to workers who blow the whistle on their employers provided they have disclosed the correct quality of information. In order to qualify for that protection there are a number of requirements and procedural steps.

[See our list of helpful questions and speak to one of our employment specialists for more information to find out if you are protected.]

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What Protection Do I Have?

If you have made a public interest disclosure, you have legal protection against acts or deliberate failures to act by your employer which would subject you to a detriment, assuming that act (or failure to act) is done on the grounds you made the protected disclosure.

You also have protection from dismissal, if the reason you are dismissed is that you made a protected disclosure.

How Can Howells Help You?

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Our whistleblowing solicitors have experience of handling complex cases of whistleblowing at all stages. We are very sensitive to how unsettling it can be if you have made a protected disclosure and the devastating consequences of experiencing a detriment and/or dismissal as a result of having made it.

In our experience, the subject matter is often complex and specific to the industry you work in. We make it our first priority to ensure that we fully-understand the facts and your concerns no matter how complicated they are.

We believe in giving you early, straight-forward advice about whether you have qualified for the statutory protections for whistle-lowers, the consequences of that, and your options.

We often find protected disclosures go alongside other more general employment issues. We are able to handle all aspects of employment law and can assist you on all the employment matters involved in your case. Furthermore, we can represent you at employment tribunal and support you each step of the way.

Get in touch with our whistleblowing solicitors or submit an enquiry form online now.

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Are you a whistle blower - do you want to know if you are protected? Prepare your answers to the following questions and speak to one of our employment solicitors to find out:
  • 1. Are you employed or self-employed?
  • 2. What did you say?
  • 3. To whom?
  • 4. By what method?
  • 5. When did you do it?
  • 6. Did you believe this was:
  • a. A criminal offence?
  • b. A breach of a legal obligation?
  • c. A miscarriage of justice?
  • d. Endangering the health and safety of any individual?
  • e. Damage to the environment?
  • f. Tending to show that any of the above were being concealed deliberately?
  • 7. Why did you hold this belief?
  • 8. Do you believe that this is in the public interest and why?

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