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Product Liability Solicitors & Compensation Claim Specialists

If you have been injured due to a faulty or defective consumer product it is highly likely you will be able to pursue a product liability compensation claim. It is possible to bring a claim for product liability against any individual party in the consumer goods supply chain, whether it’s the manufacturing company, the distributor or the goods, the supplier or the retailer, depending on where the blame lies.

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If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of any of the following, then contact Howells solicitors today:

Inadequate Warning: If there are insufficient warnings on the actual product or the product’s packaging to warn of a danger associated with the product, then the manufacturer may be subject to a product liability compensation claim.

Click here for examples of warning symbols and safety kitemarks.

Unsympathetic Design: A product should be designed with its target market in mind. A child’s toy should not have any sharp edges or small removable parts. Electrical goods should be fit for purpose and work safely.

Faulty Manufacturing: Anomalies do occur in the manufacturing process. Products can be tainted or faulty if quality control measures within the organisation were not fully adhered to. If an injury occurs as a result, the possibility of a product liability claim will arise.

Product Recall: The chances of success for a product liability claim are increased further when there has not been a product recall on the particular product which causes the injury.

Product Liability Solicitors in Cardiff, South Wales

If you have been injured in a scenario similar to any of those listed above then you should contact Howells Solicitors today. Based in Cardiff, our specialist personal injury solicitors are experts at what they do. Renowned for their high claim success rates and with a reputation for achieving the optimum amount of compensation, Howells should be your first choice of product liability claims in the South Wales area.

Why choose Howells?
  • We operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, ensuring if your claim is unsuccessful you don’t pay a penny.
  • We offer unrivalled expertise and professionalism with a glittering track record of success.
  • We settle all claims as quickly as possible.
  • We fight for the maximum amount of compensation.
  • We can discuss your claim at your home, workplace or even in hospital.
If you want your product liability claim to be in the safest possible hands, speak to Howells Solicitors today. We are product liability compensation claim specialists in Cardiff, South Wales, with an undeniable track record of success.

Compensation Explained

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) have recently published this brochure to explain the rules surrounding compensation claims.

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Fire Safety
Fire Safety:

This symbol means the product is fire resistant and will not catch fire easily from cigarettes / matches. This symbol does not mean the product is fireproof.
CE Mark
CE Mark

This is a self-declaration from the manufacturer that the product is up to EU legal requirements. This symbol is not relating to the safety of the product.
Age Symbols
Age Symbols

This symbol will state the product is not suitable for children under three years of age.
Kite Mark
Kite Mark

The kite mark symbol shows that the product has been tested by the British Standards Institution and meets a certain standard.
Lion Mark
Lion Mark

The Lion mark shows the product meets the British Safety Standards and the products meets high advertising and counterfeiting ethical procedures.
Lion Mark Retailer (Approved)
Lion Mark Retailer (Approved)

The Lion Mark Retailer symbol was a scheme introduced in 1991 when Toy Retailers Association (TRA) joined with British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA).

Please Note: Members of the Toy Retailers Association are able to display this symbol in stores (all products may not contain the Lion Mark but all products do meet the Toy Safety Standard).
Toxic Material
Toxic Material

Toxic material that could potentially be life threating, even in a small dosage or a short time of exposure to the product.

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