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Expert Commercial Lease Solicitors

Howells Commercial Property Team deals with all aspects of landlord and tenant law, acting for clients in the public and private sectors both local to South Wales and nationally.

Our solicitors have the experience to provide practical advice in relation to all aspects of commercial leases.

The work we handle includes:
  • granting and negotiating leases;
  • advice regarding assignments, sub-letting, underlettings and alterations;
  • rent deposit deeds;
  • advice on rent reviews;
  • advice on service charges;
  • lease renewals; and
  • lease variations.
Should any dispute occur within the landlord and tenant relationship then we are able to inform you of your options and, if necessary, take the appropriate action to protect your best interests.

By working alongside our other specialist departments we are well equipped to advise you on any planning, construction, litigation or environmental issue.

Jargon-free legal advice from a specialist in commercial leases

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has produced a Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales. The Code which is endorsed by both government and leading organisations in the property sector representing both owners and occupiers aims to encourage fairness in commercial leases and promote transparency and flexibility in the property market.

We adopt the RICS Code when granting or negotiating new commercial leases to ensure that the lease is fair and not one sided. Without specialist guidance from a commercial solicitor the lease you are about to enter into may be particularly onerous.

We ensure that you gain a better appreciation of the range of terms that you are able to negotiate and to raise awareness to issues you may not have considered relevant to your business.

We can help you with decisions on issues such as:
  • The length of term. How long do you want the commercial lease to last?
  • Repair. What state of repair and condition does the property have to be kept in?
  • Rent reviews. How is the rent to be reviewed and how often?
  • Break clauses. Will the landlord or tenant be able to bring the lease to an end before the term ends?
  • Assignment and Sub-letting. Will the tenant be allowed to sell or sub-let the property if needed?
Ideally, whenever agreeing terms of any lease, prior to drafting the lease, heads of terms should be drawn up and agreed. This will encourage transparency and if applied will lead to transactions being completed more quickly and with fewer conflicts both at the outset and during the course of the lease.

To find out how Howells Solicitors can help you and your business please contact our commercial property team on 02920 404027, email us at or you can fill in our online enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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