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Vasectomy and Failed Sterilisation Claims

Having a vasectomy or being sterilised is not a decision people make lightly - some people decide they do not want children or choose not to have any more. While these procedures have a high success rate, they aren’t without their risks and medical negligence can occur.

Medical negligence in these procedures can lead to an unwanted pregnancy – putting a huge financial and emotional strain on the families involved, regardless of whether they decide to continue with the pregnancy.

It is important to note: failed sterilisation and vasectomies aren’t always due to medical negligence. However, if an unplanned pregnancy happens shortly after the procedure, it could be down to this.

What Causes Sterilisation Negligence?

  • A poor consent procedure/failure to advise the patient of all associated risks
  • Failing to provide correct advice post-discharge (warn of risks associated with unprotected sex)
  • Adopting poor or incorrect sterilisation techniques
  • Failing to monitor signs of post-operative infection
  • Inadequate/incorrect application of sterilisation clips – ‘filshie’ clips/filshie clip migration

What Sterilisation Compensation Can You Claim?

Women can make a failed sterilisation claim if either they suffer a wrongful pregnancy or wrongful birth, depending on whether they decide to terminate or continue with the pregnancy.

Women can claim for:
  • Physical suffering from the pregnancy, labour and/or termination
  • Loss of earnings during the pregnancy and/or recovery period
  • Psychological distress associated with the failure
Men can make a claim for failed sterilisation if the surgery was performed negligently resulting in failure, or in the event that they are not provided with contraceptive advice upon their discharge. Both of which can result in unwanted pregnancy.

Men can claim for:
  • Cost of repeat surgery and the pain, suffering and recovery period associated with the same
  • Loss of earnings
  • Psychological distress linked to the negligence
However, claims cannot be made for compensation for the cost of raising the child, apart from exceptional circumstances such as where the child is born with a disability.

Men can also face problems when undergoing circumcision surgery whereby, albeit very rarely the procedure does not go to plan, resulting in a prolonged period of pain and suffering in addition to the potential need for corrective surgery.

Following negations with the defendant, Mr X was offered £250,000 gross of the interim payments of £52,009 to settle the claim. Mr X accepted this offer and was very thankful for our assistance with his claim.
Absolutely amazing service, I had an accident back in 2016 and they fought tooth and nail to get me the treatment and pay out that I deserved, my case handler Amy kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Howells to anyone.
From start to finish my daughter’s medical negligence claim was handled brilliantly. Communication was excellent and her case was handled sensitively and professionally, with a successful outcome at the end.
Excellent service as always, Highly recommended wouldn't use anybody else , always on hand to help and advice . Thank you!!!!!

Paul Gander
Sue dealt with my personal injury claim with professionalism at all times. She kept both myself and my son fully informed throughout the process and always responded to queries quickly and efficiently. I would have no hesitation in using this firm again.

Stuart Marks
I recently used Howells' for a claim. After an initial telephone conversation, Amy (our assigned representative) went through the process of our potential claim. She outlined time frames and the strength of our case. We ended up receiving compensation above our expectations. I was thoroughly impressed the team from Howells and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. They handled the whole process in a manner which inspired confidence, knowing that we were in good hands.

Simon Marks
Howells have been fantastic when dealing with my claim and i would recommend them to anyone. I would like to thank Sue for her outstanding service and patience throughout my case. You were great and I cannot thank you enough for the end result. Also thank you to Glendora and Amy for all your help. 5* service all round

Gavin Herbert
Life changing issues affected our daughter due to a misdiagnosis and then catalogue of errors. We are so grateful to Sue and the team and the lovely Glendora! Thank you so much for all your hard work, perseverance and pure doggedness. Hopefully this has saved another family from having to go through this! Amazing service from such nice people! Enjoy the hamper!

Case Study: Medical Negligence Sterilisation

J v Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

Unfortunately, the claimant’s sterilisation failed within 6 months of the procedure being performed. As a result, the claimant fell pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. The claimant fell pregnant once more and later delivered a healthy full-term baby.

Compensation was awarded for pain, suffering and psychological distress associated with the failed sterilisation procedure, in addition to the ordeal of having to undergo a further operation.

Damages were pleaded in excess of £12,000.00.

P v Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

During a circumcision the claimant suffered a very traumatic event whereby a relatively inexperienced doctor accidently removed a section of vein rather than what was intended during surgery. This resulted in failure of the procedure alongside development of a very large haematoma (swollen blood clot) causing a prolonged period of pain and discomfort. Fortunately the claimant was made aware that the procedure, for obvious reasons had not been successful, however unfortunately required further surgery to correct the mistake.

Damages are anticipated to exceed £30,000.00

Do I Have a Claim for Negligent Sterilisation?

If you have had an unsuccessful vasectomy or sterilisation, then you may have a claim for compensation. Get in touch with our empathetic and knowledgeable medical negligence solicitors to learn more.
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