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One of the few benefits of lockdown was the huge increase in the numbers of us taking to our bikes to exercise and travel around our local areas on two wheels.

For some it meant going into the garden shed or garage to find the bikes that might have been left unridden for months, maybe years in some circumstances, whilst for others it was a case of going online to buy new bikes or first bikes for the younger members of the family.

There were a lot more of us taking to the roads, bike paths and tracks and inevitably, there was an increase in the number of accidents taking place.

Our Personal Injury department is working on behalf of several new clients who are making cycling accident claims.

Accidents with other cyclists, with motor vehicles or those who have fallen, or crashed due to road surfaces in disrepair are the most frequent reasons provided. More...

The dangers of using mobile phones while driving are well-known, but the laws surrounding the use of a phone whilst behind the wheel might be changing very soon. More...

Following a road traffic accident, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do and how to proceed with making a claim. Here our personal injury solicitors answer a number of FAQs to help you understand your next steps. More...

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