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Richard Scott Corporate Livewire

Family Law is an ever-changing legal sphere, with new regulations and practices being introduced every year. Internationally, family law becomes even more complex. That’s why it’s essential to work with trusted solicitors who know the relevant legal procedures inside out.

Our Family Law Partner Richard Scott was asked to give his experience of the issues facing families in the UK for Corporate Livewire.

Corporate LiveWire provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate finance sector with information on the latest news and developments from industry leaders from around the globe.

Specialising in all aspects of family law, from divorce and financial issues to cohabitee disputes and domestic, he joined other solicitors practicing in New York, London and Kiev and shared his experience of family law in Cardiff and the UK.

Richard and his contemporaries discussed a number of issues related to family law, from child support and dispute resolution to private investigators and the role of the media in family courts. They also talked about recent changes in their relevant jurisdictions, issues of privacy, the balance between maternal and paternal responsibilities and how different countries take varying roles in safeguarding clients. More...

silver divorce

Recent research has unveiled a new societal trend, one which directly opposes the accepted norms. Those who grew up in the much vaunted 1960s and experienced firsthand the emancipation of social and sexual restrictions are now at the spearhead of another revolution; that of divorce after retirement.

According to the latest figures, those over the age of 60 are getting divorced more regularly than any other age group in the UK. In the past year alone there have been 15,275 divorces recorded for those over the age of 60, which represents a staggering 50 per cent increase on the figures for the year 2000.  

These figures show just how dramatically the social sphere of pensioners has changed, primarily a result of a dramatic increase in living conditions. More...

university of south wales

Howells has started working very closely with the University of South Wales at its Legal and Financial Advice Clinic.

The clinic, which is based at Atlantic House in Cardiff, allows small businesses and the general public to access free professional advice over a range of different legal and financial areas. One of Howells’ family law solicitors, Hannah Magee, is in attendance at the clinic every Tuesday, mentoring students and providing free advice to the public.

Between the months of October and April in term time, clients can benefit from free advice and legal assistance on a number of different issues, including:

•    Business and consumer debt
•    Discrimination cases
•    Employment issues
•    Housing problems
•    Litigation queries More...

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We are required under the regulations to provide our clients the following information:-
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