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Discrimination In Recruitment

With the British economy on the road to recovery, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of jobs being advertised. But employers trying to fill vacancies should beware – discrimination claims could be lurking before you’ve read a single application!

The Equality Act 2010 not only protects employees against discrimination in the workplace, but also any potential applicants. That’s why it’s vital that employers take care over what they say in their advertisements.

Avoid Discrimination Claims

Inappropriate wording could bear the risk of a discrimination claim being brought against employers. For example, placing an advert for a ‘waitress’ could bring a claim for sex discrimination as it may deter men from applying, whereas advertising for ‘waiting staff’ would eliminate such risk. Other examples include advertising for an Italian, rather than someone ‘Italian speaking’ to avoid race discrimination, and avoiding words like ‘youthful’ and ‘mature’ to avoid age discrimination.More...


highest career divorce rate

Your career can play a huge part in your life, determining your income, calculating your free time and even sometimes working to shape your personality. As a result of this, it is perhaps unsurprising that some jobs have a much higher divorce rate than others.

Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rate

Here are the ten careers with the highest divorce rate as found by the 2010 study entitled “A Comparison of Law Enforcement Divorce Rates with those of Other Occupations”:

1. Dancers and Choreographers – Divorce Rate of 43%

This is a very competitive job and although a high degree of cooperation and teamwork is needed, so too are long hours and a constant need to improve. Often this job role demands outstanding performance in order to advance their career, which means that for many dancers and choreographers they can’t afford to be held back by their spouse. This is the highest career divorce rate by quite a big margin, so if you’re looking for everlasting love it may be best to give dancers and choreographers a miss.



unreasonable behaviour divorce

Going through the breakup of a marriage is never easy. It is a difficult, emotional and testing time under the best conditions, but can be made exponentially worse when filing for an unreasonable behaviour divorce.

This can make exchanges and proceedings complicated and uneasy for one or both parties involved, which is why it is always a good idea for you to seek professional legal help and advice.

What Constitutes Unreasonable Behaviour in Divorce? 

There are many reasons why you may file for divorce due to unreasonable behaviour, examples may include:

•    Domestic violence
•    Threatening violence
•    Verbal abuse
•    Emotional abuse
•    If one partner
       - is dependent on drugs or alcohol
       - is financially irresponsible
       - a gambling addict and has caused considerable distress
       - has had an affair or cheated on the other
       - refuses to discuss issues of the marriage
       - does not want to engage in sexual or physical relations More...

Gay marriages statistics

The Civil Partnership Act 2004, which came into force in December 2005, allowed same sex couples in the UK to register their relationship for the first time and have it legally recognised.

This gave couples who registered as civil partners a package of rights and responsibilities including the ability to apply for parental responsibility of their civil partner’s child and the full range of financial orders available to a married couple.

The Act celebrates its tenth anniversary in December 2015, so with that in mind, Howells Solicitors decided to research, highlight and examine some of the statistics and trends that have emerged over the past decade.

Civil Partnership Statistics



jeremy clarkson

Gearing up to Dismissal

Last week marked yet another media circus surrounding Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who was suspended following reports that he’d hit producer Oisin Tymon after a day’s filming in North Yorkshire. The BBC launched an internal investigation into the ‘fracas’ on Monday but the findings are still pending.

Whatever the result, it’s vital that Clarkson is dealt with in accordance with the ACAS Code to make sure that the Beeb don’t end up with more than a Red Nose on their faces. 

The ACAS Code

The ACAS Code was designed to put in place clear guidance for both employees and employers when a disciplinary or grievance issue raises its ugly head. It’s user friendly and an easy read – not like most employment legislation.More...

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