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highest career divorce rate

Your career can play a huge part in your life, determining your income, calculating your free time and even sometimes working to shape your personality. As a result of this, it is perhaps unsurprising that some jobs have a much higher divorce rate than others.

Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rate

Here are the ten careers with the highest divorce rate as found by the 2010 study entitled “A Comparison of Law Enforcement Divorce Rates with those of Other Occupations”:

1. Dancers and Choreographers – Divorce Rate of 43%

This is a very competitive job and although a high degree of cooperation and teamwork is needed, so too are long hours and a constant need to improve. Often this job role demands outstanding performance in order to advance their career, which means that for many dancers and choreographers they can’t afford to be held back by their spouse. This is the highest career divorce rate by quite a big margin, so if you’re looking for everlasting love it may be best to give dancers and choreographers a miss.


2. Massage Therapists – Divorce Rate of 38%

Rubbing oiled, naked bodies all day can cause jealousy for the spouse or even infidelity for the massage therapist. It is likely because of these reasons that this job is one of the professions with the highest divorce rate around.

3. Bartenders – Divorce Rate of 38%

There are several reasons why this job has a high divorce rate, normally due to increased risk of alcoholism, unsocial hours and typically low wages. This is a melting pot of issues that can put a lot of strain on a relationship, causing it to break down and fail. 


4. Telephone Operators – Divorce Rate of 29%


Similarly to bartenders, this tends to be a poorly paid job with bad hours. Dealing with hours and hours of complaints over the phone can often lead to depression, social anxiety and other ailments.  Taking this stress home can be harmful to the home environment and therefore lead to divorce.


5. Nurses – Divorce Rate of 28.9%

Random shift patterns, unsocial hours and a high stress workplace can become very stressful, making it very hard to put the time in to maintain a working relationship. Partners can feel let down and alienated due to nurses being pulled away for work, causing a deterioration in the marriage. 

6. Food and Tobacco Factory Workers – Divorce Rate of 29%

Low wages, long hours, tedious work with very little chance for progression can lead to meltdowns due to frustration. Without a change in circumstances it is likely that this frustration can extend to the partner and cause friction.


7. Psychiatrists – Divorce Rate of 28.9%

Despite diagnosing other people’s problems, psychiatrists seem to find it difficult to see the issues with their own relationships. Perhaps it is for this reason that psychiatrists are among the top ten careers that end in divorce.


8. Carers – Divorce Rate of 28.7%

You’d have thought that caring about others would have been a very beneficial point when it comes to a marriage, but apparently this care is either overstretched or not extended to the home. Often these types of jobs also face long hours and changes to shift pattern which can detract time usually spend with their partner.


9. Entertainers and Athletes – Divorce Rate of 28.5%

Similarly to dancers and choreographers, these professions require the individual to be able to be completely dedicated to their job. This can cause the partners to become neglected which often leads to separation and then divorce. 


10. Telemarketers – Divorce Rate of 28.1%

Taking abuse and trying to cold call all day can create a large amount of stress, add to this poor wages and very little progression and you will start to notice the similarities among many of these top ten jobs. 

Here is a more inclusive list that details how a wide variety of other sectors measure up – it can help to give you a much better idea of what is considered ‘normal’ for your career. If you’re thinking about getting a divorce then Howells can guide you through the process, providing a personal service rather than letting you become another statistic.

Please Note: Anyone in the police service will require a specialist solicitor, which is where Howells excel as we are the only Welsh solicitor on the panel and have a wealth of experience working with South Wales and Gwent Police. Click here for more info on police divorce.


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