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It’s the hit show that everyone is binging while being locked down for so long. MAFS Australia has certainly done its bit to reduce the Covid boredom and keep people inside, but while the show itself exerts all the glamour and drama of show business, there is plenty of legal work that goes on behind the scenes unnoticed. While everyone loves a good wedding, we all know that sadly divorces are just as regular.

Each participant will be wary of the legalities before going on the show, or at least they should be if they soon find themselves looking for a way out.

Here we take a look at those aspects of marrying at first sight, and what options are available to couples after the cameras switch off and reality hits hard. More...

It’s safe to say that for the most of us, 2020 was a year we want to forget as quickly as possible. But, if the pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with, many of those in the public eye we know – or think we know – so well have had even more on their plate.

As we learnt previously, lockdown and relationships have not mixed very well, with some of the most well know relationships feeling the strain, emotionally and financially.

Here, we look at the biggest celebrity divorces and breakups that shook the A-list world last year. We also analyse what supposedly went wrong and the ramifications these breakups have on what were once such idyllic lifestyles of the rich and famous. More...