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BBC programme examines the importance of making a will

In the UK alone, less than 50% of people make a valid will before their death, and too many times the estate can be passed onto the wrong people. A BBC programme called ‘Can’t take it with you’, which sets out to reaffirm the importance of making a will, is due to be aired on 14th January on BBC2 at 9pm.

Here at Howells Solicitors, we are experts in the field of will writing and offer our services at an excellent rate. If you die without making a will, there is a strong likelihood that your estate will be passed on to an undesired recipient, or even the Government.

Our specialist team of solicitors are waiting to help you through the process. We listen to you as an individual, ensuring your wishes and fears for your estate are given the full consideration they deserve. An expert solicitor, such as those at Howells, will be able to advise you on how to make tax savings, reduce administrative costs and avoid disputes.

Making a will also gives the peace of mind, as long as you keep updating it as circumstances change, as you will be in full control over the distribution of your possessions when you are gone. It is also an excellent method of ensuring your loved ones are protected.

Many individuals complain of not having the time or it’s something they simply haven’t got around to, but for those who die without a will it can sometimes take years to distribute their estate, causing prolonged distress for the family.

The common perception is that solicitors are expensive. However, at Howells Solicitors we complete the majority of wills on fixed fees. We spend the time to create you a bespoke and personalised will writing service at a very competitive price. Contact us now to find out exactly how we can help.

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