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japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed has blighted the UK landscape since its introduction in Victorian times. The ornamental plant is very resilient, spreads very quickly and can grow through many hard materials including tarmac, paving stones and even the foundations of buildings.

It is both costly and very difficult to treat and remove and many homebuyer surveys include specific questions asking the owner of the property to advise if it is present on their land. 

Failure to disclose this specific information does have legal ramifications, as was seen the week of January 23rd, 2023, in the Central  London county court. During this case, a homebuyer who did not declare the presence of this invasive plant in his back garden has been issued with a court bill of £200,000.


Gaslighting is a term that many of us have come across regarding manipulation and vulnerability, but what is gaslighting abuse, and is gaslighting a crime?


We were delighted to recently celebrate a milestone with one of our team. Jayne Hunt, a highly respected and vastly experienced childcare and divorce solicitor in our Family Law department, has been a valued member of our team for twenty years. 

Having joined Howells not long after the company had started trading, Jayne began working in the original Cardiff office assisting with development of the Family Law department before moving to Caerphilly. There, as the Branch Manager, Jayne was pivotal in establishing the town centre office.


With effect from 15th February 2015 EU Regulations on Consumer Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) allow consumers who bought our services online to submit their complaint via an online complaint portal.

We are required under the regulations to provide our clients the following information:-
  1. Link to the ODR platform - please follow the following link for further information (
  2. Our contact email address in case of a complaint under the ODR regulation – Andrea Coombes