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It is a great pleasure to join a team with such a wealth of expertise in wills, trusts and the administration of Estates. Within the team at Howells there are a variety of specialists all with the expertise and passion to help our clients with professionalism and integrity. This means that estate planning can be created for all different scenarios. Here are just a few:


Long-Term Care and Planning

"We have worked all of our lives to build our assets and now we don't want them going to pay for care"

is commonly what we hear.

We can help you plan for the implications of long-term care and other eventualities. We will discuss with you the possibility of trusts, different types of gifts, and issues regarding deprivation of capital.

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Second or Subsequent Marriages

When relationships break down it can be an extremely stressful time. Death during the breakdown process may lead to the estate passing to estranged people. We can draft wills and plan your estate to ensure that your wishes are followed during your divorce.

Those in second or subsequent civil partnerships, marriages or relationships may have children from previous relationships. There may be various beneficiaries with competing interests, and we can help anticipate any problems which may arise.

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Disabled Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries that have particular health and welfare needs require careful advice and drafting of legacy clauses. Disabled beneficiaries may receive welfare or means-tested benefits meaning that any advice is tailored to their individual needs.


Estranged Beneficiaries

Clients may not wish to leave particular items to particular individuals or, alternatively, they may wish to exclude certain people altogether from benefiting from their estate. We can help with any legal ramifications.


No Children

We can advise regarding beneficiaries and the implications of gifts within your will.



Protecting inheritance for children may be many client's reasons for wills and estate planning. What happens with your finances after your death is of utmost importance and this can be covered within a will. Naming trusted people to look after minor children (Guardians) is an essential part of will drafting and one which our estate planning solicitors can cover with empathy and professionalism.


Charitable Donations

When it comes to estate planning advice, we would suggest an extremely effective way to support charities and to benefit from tax advantages is to give a legacy through your will. We can advise you about the range of charities and the possible gifts.

Legacy planning is a vital part of a charity's constitution and if you wish to do this, we encourage you to take our expert advice.


Businesses and Agricultural Properties

As specialist advisers, we can help with the essential tax advice which anyone with an agricultural business or any other type of company should seek. Through effective estate planning, we can help you find peace of mind for you and certainty for your affairs after death.


Are You Ready to Make Plans?

Whatever your estate planning needs, we can assist with utmost professionalism and care. Get in touch today to see how we can help.


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