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Can spending too much time together ruin a relationship? The Coronavirus outbreak has been affecting us all in a variety of ways, and from financial worries to the stress of being cooped up at home, couples are facing tough new challenges. As a result, one possible new side-effect of COVID-19 could be a spike in divorces.

Google searches for ‘divorce’ were 51% higher in the peak of lockdown (June 2020), compared to June 2019, but will lockdown frustrations really result in more people taking the life-changing step of legally ending their relationship? Keep reading to find out more about how Coronavirus might affect the divorce rate.


What are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce?

Every relationship is different, and there are a number of reasons why a marriage might sadly not stand the test of time. At Howells, we’re experienced in dealing with divorce cases, and here are some of the most common reasons we hear for getting a divorce:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial troubles
  • Constant arguing
  • Lack of intimacy

Coronavirus is changing our social and personal landscapes, so will these issues become more or less common? While lockdown might have made infidelity more difficult, it’s easy to see how other issues could be on the rise.

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Financial Troubles

With British households facing debts worth an estimated £6 billion because of the Coronavirus crisis, more families than ever are shouldering money worries. The stress of unpaid bills, struggling businesses and mounting debt can’t be underestimated. And, it’s no surprise that financial issues can impact on the health of relationships and become a cause of divorce.

Richard Scott, Head of Family Law at Howells, said:

“Deciding to pursue a divorce is a difficult choice at any time, but adding money worries into the mix adds to the stress of the situation. We are predicting an increase in these kinds of cases, though we will always advise couples to look to the long-term picture, rather than the stress of the current situation.”


Constant Arguing

Everyone enjoys quality time with their partner, but how much is too much?

When it goes from the occasional movie night to almost complete confinement, the novelty of getting extra time with your other half can quickly wear off.

The question, ‘can spending too much time together ruin a relationship’ has become topical in recent months, and tensions in many homes are high. However, it’s important to look at the big picture. Divorce is a complex legal process that is life changing – not a simple fix to lockdown frustrations. Here’s our advice to ease tensions at home:

  • Be considerate of your partner’s needs.
  • Discuss things openly, rather than letting annoyances fester.
  • If you have space, designate a room for each of you, where you can retreat to get some alone time.
  • To occupy your time and keep your mind busy, explore new hobbies you can do safely – such as painting, birdwatching or writing.
  • Plan exciting activities for the future, to give you something to look forward to.

Sometimes, when issues are laid out and addressed openly, couples can discover the gulf between them isn’t as big as they first thought. So, before speaking with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, try to establish whether the issues in your relationship are temporary and can be worked through.


Lack of Intimacy

Being stuck in close quarters with your partner doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be more intimate with each other. In fact, the stresses of sharing the same space can lead to emotional distance.

Establishing your individual needs can help ease the tension and ensure stress is at a minimum, so communicate your frustrations honestly before you consider divorce.


How to Know When to Seek Support

If the discord between you and your partner is persistent, you might benefit from professional support for your relationship. Trained relationship councillors can often help couples work through their issues and eliminate the need for divorce.

And you don’t need to worry about the stress and safety of attending in-person appointments, because many services are now available online or over the phone.


At Howells, We’re Here to Help

If you do decide you need to engage a skilled divorce lawyer, our professional team can provide a comprehensive range of services designed to support and help you, whatever your circumstances. Please get in touch with our divorce team today.

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