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Howells Announces Extra Dates for Free Employment Law Seminars in Swansea and Cardiff

Are you up to date with the latest developments in Employment Law legislation? Would you like to find out more about recent changes in this area so that you’re able to safeguard your business and employees?

At Howells Solicitors, we appreciate that it can be difficult for busy people to keep up with the latest in Employment Law legislation. However, this complex area of the law has many implications for employers and employees alike, and understanding them is imperative.

In an attempt to assist those who would benefit from professional guidance in this area, Howells Solicitors are hosting two FREE Employment Law seminars for businesses based in Cardiff, Swansea and South West Wales. The first will be hosted at the Village Hotel in Swansea on the 7th of July, followed by a second at our Cardiff Offices on the 9th of July.

These seminars will provide practical, jargon-free advice and guidance regarding recent changes in Employment Law and best practice, and is aimed at HR professionals and senior management. However, the information we will be providing is relevant for anyone in business and all are welcome.

Subjects Covered

Luke Welsh, Head of Employment Law will present the two, two-hour workshops. Delegates will be able to update their knowledge about:

Shared Parental Leave

Did you know that parents and legal guardians of a child are now able to split the maternity/paternity leave over 52 weeks?

Changes in Holiday Pay Calculations, Commission and Overtime

The law governing holiday pay has changed quite considerably since the landmark Lock vs British Gas Trading case last year.

The Impact of Changes to the Employment Tribunal Process

Employees now have to pay to lodge a complaint and make a further payment should they proceed to a hearing.

Proposed Changes to Zero Hour Contracts

Can employers stop workers on zero hours contracts from seeking work elsewhere?

Fit to Work National Scheme

A new service mainly targeting SMEs, aimed to help employees stay in work when they are ill and return to work more quickly when they have been off sick for four weeks or more.

Feedback from Previous Seminars

Feedback from a previous seminar held in our Cardiff office was extremely positive. Delegates commented on its usefulness and relevance to their day-to-day business, clear explanation, use of real life working examples, and the great opportunity that it provided for networking.

You can read more on the seminar’s success here. To book your place at this free event, please email


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