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unisons judicial review

The outcome of UNISON's Judicial Review was handed down this morning, confirming that Employment Tribunal fees are here to stay.

The fees that were implemented from 29th July 2013 following the Government's intention to "swing the pendulum back in the employer's favour" has attracted enormous criticism, particularly from Trade Unions.

The fees introduced means that if anyone pursuing a claim such as unfair discrimination or discrimination must now have to pay a fee of £250 to lodge the complaint and a further £950 if the matter proceeds to hearing.

However, there is a remission scheme in place which allows such fees to be waived in the event of the individual having little income and capital In reality, these thresholds for such remission are difficult to achieve.

As a result, Trade Union UNISON lodged a Judicial Review regarding the fees on the basis that they were unfair and impeded individuals from seeking justice. However, their application was dismissed by the High Court this morning.

Statistics show that, since the implementation of employment tribunal fees last year, new claims have dropped by almost 75%. It shall be interesting to see how the fees shall continue to affect new tribunal claims now that they are here to stay.

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