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It’s officially December, and Christmas is just around the corner. That means the working year is nearly over, but not before you celebrate it with a bang.

Of course, festive fun is to be had by all. However, you may like to have a go at this quiz to ensure you know how to handle, and prevent, merry mistakes.


Question 1

The Grinch and Max, Directors of Who Ville Limited, have decided that this year they would like to shut down Santa’s factory over Christmas and New Year. The Grinch told all the elves that, as a result of this decision, they will need to take 5 days from their annual holiday leave entitlement.

Head Elf, Cindy-Loo has made a number of complaints to The Grinch and Max about their decision and does not think it is fair. What is the answer?

A. This decision is not fair, and The Grinch and Max cannot force the elves to take paid holiday.

B. The Grinch and Max can do this. However, they must issue all elves with a change of terms letter before the change can be implemented.

C. The Grinch and Max can do this. However, they must provide the elves with at least 10 days’ notice.


Question 2

Elsa, Head Toy Maker, and Anna, Toy Maker, had a disagreement during work in relation to Anna’s toy making skills. Elsa told Anna, in front of the other toy makers, that she needed to pick up her game. Otherwise, she’d be getting the sack and that she should ask Sven for guidance as Elsa did not have time for her.

Anna is extremely upset by Elsa’s harsh words and the fact that Elsa belittled Anna in front of her co-toy makers. Anna decides to speak with Olaf, Factory Manager, about what has happened.

Olaf is shocked and finds it hard to believe that Elsa would behave in this way as he has employed Elsa for 23 years. Olaf thinks Anna may be trying to get Elsa into trouble as their working relationship has been strained for some time.

What should Olaf do about the grievance?

A. Dismiss Anna there and then. Olaf does not believe that Elsa would behave this way.

B. Although Olaf may think Anna is lying, he has a duty to investigate the grievance. Olaf should follow the grievance procedure set out in the Staff Handbook. Olaf should investigate everyone who was present when Elsa spoke to Anna. Olaf should then inform Anna of his decision.

If he thinks Elsa did say this, and acted unprofessionally, Olaf should discipline Elsa in line with the disciplinary procedure in the Staff Handbook.

C. Dismiss Elsa as this behaviour is unacceptable.



Question 3

During the busy Christmas period, there is an increase in orders and Santa relies on staff to work overtime so that orders can be fulfilled. Buddy the Elf has worked at Santa’s toy shop for 8 months. Buddy has been off on sick for 2 months with anxiety. Santa has decided to do nothing about this.

Buddy has now sent Papa Elf (Elves Resources Director) another sick note stating that he will be off from work for another month. Papa Elf informs Santa. Santa is furious that Buddy will be off sick for another month, as this means it will put more pressure on the toy department to meet their quota for the month. Santa tells Papa Elf to sack Buddy as his absence levels are unacceptable.

What should Papa Elf do?

A. Santa is his boss. Therefore, Papa Elf should sack Buddy the Elf, even if it means Buddy bringing a claim for discrimination.

B. Papa Elf should follow the sickness absence procedure. He should invite Buddy to a sickness absence meeting to discuss his absence, whether he will be able to return to work, whether any reasonable adjustments can aid Buddy in his return and also request consent to contact his GP.


Question 4

Charlie attends the work Christmas party alongside Scott Calvin, Fred and Judy. Scott and Charlie both applied for a promotion, but Santa awarded the Senior Manager of Toy Operations position to Scott. Charlie is unhappy about this and does not understand why Scott was chosen over him.

Charlie has too much to drink at the Christmas party and starts a fight with Scott in which they both hit each other. Santa and Head of Polar Security ask both Scott and Charlie to leave.  

The day after the party Charlie is embarrassed about what happened. Santa is unhappy with Scott and Charlie’s behaviour. 

What should Santa do following Charlie and Scott’s actions at the Christmas party?

A. Do nothing – Charlie had, had too much to drink and acted completely out of character.

B. Santa should fire Charlie as he started the fight with Scott.

C. The incident took place outside of the workplace, so Santa does not have to do anything.

D. Santa should consider suspending Charlie and Scott and follow the investigation and disciplinary process contained within the Santa Handbook.


Question 5

Tiny Tim has been employed as a Senior Toy Maker at Scrooge’s factory for 3 years. Tiny Tim spoke with Bob Cratchit last week and found out that Bob is on more money than him, even though Tiny Tim has more experience. At the Christmas party (29th November) Tiny Tim approached Scrooge, as he seemed to be in good spirits.

Tiny Tim informed Scrooge that he knew Bob Cratchit was on more money and wanted a pay rise. Scrooge apologised to Tiny Tim and Scrooge agreed that he would give Tiny Tim a pay rise of £2,000 in his next pay (9th December). 

After the Christmas party, Tiny Tim goes to see Scrooge in his office to finalise his pay rise. Scrooge informs Tiny Tim that he was drunk at the Christmas party and that Tiny Tim will not be receiving a pay rise on the 9th December. Tiny Tim is unhappy and leaves Scrooge’s office.

Can Scrooge do this?

A. No, a promise is a promise and Scrooge should pay Tiny Tim the £2,000 pay rise.

B. Yes, Scrooge can decide to no longer give Tiny Tim a pay rise because he was drunk at the Christmas party.


Question 6

Santa has reviewed the balance sheets and realises that he won’t be able to keep the North Pole afloat for much longer. He currently has ten elves working in Toy Making, eight elves working in Mechanics, two elves working in the Head of Polar Security, and two elves working in the Elves Resources and Pay Department. Santa discovers that he will have no option but to close the North Pole in 2 months’ time.

What should Santa do?

A. Santa should try and keep the North Pole afloat for as long as he can, but not inform the elves or buyers.

B. Santa should consult each elf individually.

C. Santa should inform and consult with each elf individually, and also consult with the Tinsel Union and/or Elf Representative.


Question 7

Dancer, Polar Transport Service Operator, has worked at Polar Transport for two years and finds out she is pregnant. She informs her Line Manager, Prancer. Before she fell pregnant her performance was excellent and never questioned. However, she has felt extremely tired during the pregnancy and has informed Prancer of this.  

When Dancer is six months pregnant, Prancer invites Dancer to an appraisal. At her appraisal, Rudolph, Managing Director informs Dancer that her current performance at work is not acceptable and she will be placed on a poor performance plan. Dancer tries to explain that she has felt very tired because of her pregnancy, but Rudolph states she is exaggerating and is unhappy with her performance.

Should Rudolph continue with the Poor Performance Plan?

A. Rudolph should continue to commence with the poor performance plan. Dancer’s pregnancy should not be used as an excuse for her poor performance at work.

B. Rudolph should only place Dancer on a poor performance plan if he has proof of her poor performance and it is not linked to her pregnancy.


Question 8

Arthur has been the Senior Sleigh Operator of Clause Industries Ltd for 18 months. Arthur has grown tired of his job and during the busiest time of the year Arthur decides to go on the sick. Arthur’s sick note states he has a viral infection.

Mrs. Clause (Elves Resources Director) decides to go to Lapland to finish off some last-minute shopping. Whilst she is in town, she sees a group of lads who are very merry. Amongst the group she can see Arthur. She remembers receiving his sick note which stated he would need to be off work for ten days because of the viral infection, so Mrs. Clause takes a photo of Arthur on her mobile and sends it to St. Nicholas (Managing Director).

What can Mrs. Clause and St. Nicholas do?

A. They can’t do anything. He is off work on sick leave; he can do whatever he wants whilst on sick leave.

B. Mrs Clause and St. Nicholas should have a return to work meeting with Arthur and confront him about the video Mrs Clause took. They should then immediately dismiss him.

C. They should invite Arthur to an investigation meeting to discuss the video which was taken of him by Mrs Clause whilst Arthur was on sick leave.  


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