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Here on the Howells blog we’ve previously written about how to find a trusted probate solicitor, but what are the benefits of using a probate solicitor? We detail these below.

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When Should You Use a Probate Solicitor? 

In some cases, it is perfectly possible to handle probate yourself as the executor of a will. However, many people decided to enlist the services of a trusted probate solicitor to handle the process for them during this time of grief.

Many people find it hard to grasp this legal process, whilst dealing with the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one. A probate solicitor is completely independent and has no emotional ties, plus they handle cases like this every day, meaning they’ll be able to deal with the legalities with a clear mind, sound judgement and legal experience. 

Also, it may benefit you to enlist the services of a probate solicitor if the case has issues that may turn out to be problematic, for example:

The validity of the will is being disputed and/or dependents were left out of the will (and are likely to query this).

The deceased died without a will. 

The estate is vast and/or there are complex details, such as trust funds. 

The estate is bankrupt.

The estate involves foreign property/assets or the deceased resided outside of the UK. 

The value of the estate is still receiving a regular income. 

The value of the estate is on the boundary of the Inheritance Tax threshold. 

If you decide to use a probate solicitor, it may be easier to use the professional who helped to draw up and store the will, however this is not a must-do. We’d recommend enlisting the services of a probate solicitor you trust will do a good job and you feel comfortable with. 

How Much Will a Probate Solicitor’s Services Cost?

Solicitors charges for probate will vary depending on how your solicitor of choice charges their fees. This is usually done either on an hourly rate or by a percentage of the value of the estate. If the latter option is chosen, the fee will likely be between 1% and 5% plus VAT. 

It is also important to recognise there will be disbursement costs and service extras, for example the probate application fee or receiving certified copies of documents, such as a death certificate. These will not be charged with the solicitor’s fee and therefore should be budgeted extras. 

To learn more about the cost of a probate solicitors here at Howells or to discuss your particular case, please contact our friendly probate solicitors in Cardiff and South Wales, or learn more here


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