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If you are hurt or your property is damaged as a result of a faulty product, you may be eligible for compensation. Here our product liability solicitors discuss what making a claim would involve and how Howells can help.

The Claim Process

The first step is to get in touch and arrange a meeting with a trained product liability solicitor. In a consultation, you’ll discuss your case and they will let you know whether you’re likely to have a claim or not. 

If you decide to go ahead, an investigation will be undertaken to determine the extent of your injury, illness or damaged occurred, as well as if the product was responsible. This will likely require access to medical records and copies of all paperwork and receipts. 

If all goes well, the next step is to calculate how much compensation should be paid and a claim to be put to the defendant. They will either accept liability, agree the amount and pay, or decline and begin negotiations. 

Once agreed, you’ll be awarded compensation. If the other party does not agree to pay, court proceedings can begin and a decision will be made. 

Please note: the opponent can settle a claim at any time in the run up to the court trial. 

What Can You Make Faulty Product Claims for?

Defective product claims vary greatly, as can the damage these items cause, however typical compensation claims are a result of personal injuries such as:

• Burns

• Electrocution

• Choking 

• Skin or allergic reactions 

• Fractured or broken bones



You may also seek defective product compensation because a faulty item has caused damage to your possessions. For example, a piece of tech overheats and causes a small fire or an item falls apart and smashes floor tiles as it lands on the ground. 

Common faulty items include:

• Bicycles

• Cars

• Furniture

• Hair and beauty products

• Food 

• Medicine

• Tech or electrical items 

Why Make a Claim?

If you make a successful claim, you may receive compensation for your injuries or damaged belongings. This could go towards medical bills or ongoing care, swapping the faulty item or replacing broken belongings. 

The amount of compensation you will receive depends greatly on the damage caused and many other numerous factors, such as:

• Loss of earnings due to being unable to work

• Medical or travel expenses 

• Support needs and if you need mobility aids 

• Pain and suffering

Speak to a Product Liability Solicitor You Can Trust 

If you’re considering making a claim, discover our product liability legal services and get in touch today. 

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