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Since the coronavirus pandemic’s first lockdown in March 2020, there has been disappointment for many betrothed couples who have had to postpone and rearrange their weddings on multiple occasions. Some have gone ahead, where possible, but restrictions have forced them to dramatically change their original plans.

With both the marriage act and the Government’s decisions forcing big changes to weddings in 2020 – with some only allowed 15 guests – many people are now pondering whether the marriage act is still fit for purpose.

For example, to be legal, wedding ceremonies must be held in a registered venue and strict restrictions mean you cannot get married outdoors – limiting numbers for a covid wedding. Adding a further complication, you must give notice of intent to marry in person. You cannot contact a registrar via phone, post or email – something which has not been possible for many throughout lockdown.

Marriage reform is now being proposed, as a result. More...

In these strange times, there will be some of us who are looking forward to Christmas. A time when families (can hopefully) get together and celebrate the season of goodwill.

Sadly, for some, it can be the total opposite. This can be the case for separated families where one parent does not have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children at this special part of the year.

In this post, our family law experts provide their advice on Christmas after divorce or separation, and will be happy to work with you to overcome any related problems you might encounter this Christmas trying to gain access to your children. More...

Can spending too much time together ruin a relationship? The Coronavirus outbreak has been affecting us all in a variety of ways, and from financial worries to the stress of being cooped up at home, couples are facing tough new challenges. As a result, one possible new side-effect of COVID-19 could be a spike in divorces.

Google searches for ‘divorce’ were 51% higher in the peak of lockdown (June 2020), compared to June 2019, but will lockdown frustrations really result in more people taking the life-changing step of legally ending their relationship? Keep reading to find out more about how Coronavirus might affect the divorce rate. More...

Domestic abuse statistics are shocking, especially when separation has been the catalyst. Many people are struggling with how to actually handle the situation of being separated and many lose control or remain in the relationship due to domestic abuse.

There are many accomplices to domestic abuse and family life is being devastated by these: drugs, alcohol abuse, and narcissistic personalities, to name a few. All these really do make for dire family life situations. More...

However long you have been married, sometimes a relationship simply doesn’t work anymore, and divorce becomes a very real option. However, after decades together, it can be scary to go it alone.

Here our divorce solicitors discuss marriage statistics, such as the percentage of divorces after 30 years of marriage and provide tips on how to handle a separation after so long as a couple. More...

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