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A new survey from the Chartered Management Institute has revealed that women in management positions in Wales earn approximately 13% less than males in the same position. This means that female managers are essentially working an hour a day for free.

Equal pay legislation has been around for many years – here in the UK we’ve had laws governing it for more than forty – but the figures revealed by the CMI show that we still have a problem in this country, despite it being the 21st Century. Simply put, one sex should not receive more or less than the other for performing the same or a similar role.

Changes in Equal Pay Legislation

Last month, David Cameron reaffirmed his intention to address the issue, reminding companies of the change in legislation due in 2016. The change will force companies with more than 250 staff to disclose the average pay of their employees, both male and female. Cameron believes the new legislation will “cast sunlight on the discrepancies and create the pressure we need for change, driving women’s wages up”. More...

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