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protecting your family home

Every year, hard-working people who have strived all their lives to pay for their family home are seeing their hard work count for nothing, as their homes are sold to meet the cost of care in later life.

Research shows that half of women and a third of men will require some form of long-term care. It is this, in some cases the exorbitant cost of residential care, which means thousands of people are unable to pass their family home down to their children.

What happens to homeowners entering a care home?

If you own your home the local authority will not count it as capital until you have been receiving residential care or living in a nursing home for 12 weeks. After this point, your home will still not be classed as capital if any of the following still reside there: More...

Michael Winner was a national treasure, and report of his recent death was sad news indeed. He was a man of many talents, enjoying successful careers in cinematography, television, and culinary journalism. He also helped to found the Police Memorial Trust. 

It comes as no surprise then that the tributes have been flooding in.  I for one will never forget his catchphrase: "calm down dear, it’s only a commercial", coined in the Esure adverts.

Anyway, whilst we remember the man, spare a thought for his widow, Geraldine. 

Articles in leading papers, such as the Sunday Times, suggest that Geraldine has been left penniless by Michael's death. At first blush, one might assume that Michael has left Geraldine out of his will. More...

Here our trained solicitors share help and guidance on the topic of gifting a family home and the legal repurcussions of doing so: 

Contents Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. For and Against Outright Gifts of the Family Home 
  3. Reasons for Caution About Making Outright Gifts of the Family Home 
  4. Other Issues When Considering Gifting 
  5. Transferring the Family Home into a 'Flexible Life Interets Trust': A Family Trust
  6. Standard Guidance on the Cost of Long Term Care More...
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