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Whether you’re considering a divorce, annulment, dissolution or nullity, what happens to any shared assets you have with your partner is likely to be at the top of your list of questions. 

Our divorce solicitors have previously written about your rights whilst separated in the post ‘FAQ Series: Who Moves Out of the Marital Home?’, but what happens when you make this separation official? 

Here we explain the process of dividing assets and delve into the laws surrounding divorce and house ownership. More...


There are some great estate agents out there, but you’re not restricted to only using an agency when looking for your next home. If you’re interested in trying something different, check out our alternative ways to buy a house. More...



It’s an age-old dispute: parents are eager for their grown-up children to get onto the property ladder and the twenty-something kids claim it’s not as easy as it was back in Mum & Dad's heyday. But who is right?

To put an end to the debate once and for all, the Howells team have searched through house price history and income data from the Office for National Statistics to find out the truth: Was it more affordable to buy a house 20 years ago? More...


Cohabiting couple families are now the fastest growing family type in the UK, therefore it is more important than ever that people are informed about their cohabitation rights. More...


We were thrilled to win two awards at the LFS Conveyancing Awards event last night in the VOX centre at the NEC in Birmingham. More...


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