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Fast Start Process

Moving home can be complicated and protracted. House sellers have busy lives which can lead to a longer exchange and completion time as you gather the necessary documentation required to sell your property. Our goal is to help you sell your property as quickly and painlessly as possible while the solicitors legally protect your interests.

Speed Up Your Conveyancing

When you instruct an estate agent to sell your property, you may not think that it is important to instruct a solicitor until a buyer is found.

We completely disagree! Once a buyer is found, we are often asked how long a transaction will take. Our clients often want to move is as soon as possible and reduce the risk of the transaction becoming abortive. Both ourselves and our clients want a smooth, hassle free, fast, efficient sale.

However, in order for us to achieve this we need your help. If you instruct your solicitor/conveyancer, as soon as you decide to sell your property, it allows us to open a file, take full instructions from you, and allows us to complete all the upfront paperwork before a buyer is found which, in turn, saves precious weeks!

What Does the Fast Start Process Entail

As part of the initial paperwork, you as the vendor have to complete the Law Society’s Property Information Form. This is an important document which will be sent to your buyer’s solicitor/conveyancer when you accept an offer on your home.

This form is a detailed questionnaire regarding your property and must be completed to the best of your ability by all parties who are on the title deeds. This form (once fully completed) is then sent to your buyers solicitors and they in turn raise queries from reading this document and from their search results on the property.

If we receive the form before a buyer is found, it will help us to identify any possible problems the buyers solicitor may query e.g. extensions (they will want to see the planning permission or may require an indemnity policy) double glazing fitted (they will want to see the Fensa certificate). Also if the property is leasehold, we can then obtain the management pack early. This is often the cause of delays when selling a leasehold property.

What are the Benefits?

By collating all the necessary documentation for the property that you are selling at the start of the process (before a buyer is found), we believe that we can;
  • Speed up the process and achieve a quicker moving date.
  • Minimise the possibility of a buyer pulling out.
  • Make the sale as smooth as possible.
We can then obtain all the necessary paperwork that we envisage the buyers solicitor requiring and pass this to them at the earliest opportunity.

So far we have seen a time saving of 2- 3 weeks when sellers take part in our Fast Start Process.

If you’re planning on selling your house then get in touch with us today on 02920 40 40 20 and we can help you every step of the way. Our Fast Start Process will ensure that you have a fast and smooth sale, drastically reducing the time this process typically takes.

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