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Christmas 2020 is upon us; however, the festive season is going to look slightly different this year because of the pandemic. It has been a difficult year for many with, unfortunately, the pandemic lasting longer than many of us thought, and it is likely to continue until April 2021.

For many employees and employers, it is evident that the annual Christmas party will not be taking place. Thousands of Christmas parties have already been cancelled and the government’s message to ‘work from home, if you can’ is a constant reminder that the second-wave of Coronavirus is not over.

For some employers, it might be a sigh of relief, but for many, they will see the festive season as an extremely important time to offer reward and recognition to their workers.

This article sets out alternative options to the Christmas party and a reminder that, if any celebrations go ahead, the employer must ensure they abide by the Covid-19 restrictions.


What Can You Do As An Employer This Festive Season?

If you are unable to host the annual works Christmas party, you may wish to look at alternative options:

  • Fancy Dress Conference Calls – just because you are not in the office this year, do not let it stop you from getting dressed up.
  • Secret Santa – deliver a secret present via post to a random colleague.
  • Virtual Quiz – use work video conferencing to enjoy a festive drink and quiz evening with your colleagues.
  • Virtual Drinks – use work video conferencing to enjoy a festive drink and catch-up with colleagues.


  • Gift Card – Employees may prefer not to have a Christmas party this year and instead reward staff with a gift card for staff to treat themselves.
  • Care Packages – Sending a DIY meal kit from a local business straight to your employees’ doors.
  • Work Christmas Meal – Small teams may opt to have a Christmas meal out, however, they must ensure they follow Covid-19 restrictions.

If you do decide to hold a virtual get together with workers, you should ensure that you do the following:

  • Set out your expectations by email of how you expect them to behave.
  • Do not force employees to attend.
  • Make employees aware of your social media policy.
  • Under no circumstances discuss work – especially pay!
  • Be aware of any gossip after the virtual event.
  • Do not forget to wish everyone a good time!


Ensure Covid-19 Restrictions Are Followed

Covid-19 has imposed a number of restrictions on the way we live. If you decide to allow small teams to meet up you must ensure that they follow the current guidance, which is set out by the government.

Remember that the governments in England and Wales have different rules.

For England, there are different rules dependent upon which tier you are in. To find out the rules, which apply to your area click here, and for the rules in Wales click here.


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