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At Howells Solicitors, we try our best to keep you up-to-date with any changes in the law, as well as any other legal factors you need to be aware of. Here, we provide an update on recent developments or those expected very soon.


The Legal Timeline

31st October 2019

Brexit – The UK is set to leave the EU. The government has stated there will be minimal change to UK legislation and existing employment rights will not be changed.


29th November 2019

Consultation on Parental Pay and Leave - On 19th July 2019, the government launched a consultation on family-related leave ad pay. The consultation is looking at maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave rights.

The government is looking at the Icelandic model of parental leave and pay in which there are no separate concepts of “maternity” and “paternity” leave. Each parent has an equal entitlement of three month’s paid leave, with a further three months that can be split.

The consultation will end on this date.


6th April 2020

The Employment Rights (Employment Particulars and Paid Annual Leave) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 – This comes into force. Regulations amend the ERA 1996 to require a written statement on or before the first day of employment.

Employment Rights (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 – This extends the right to a written statement of terms to all workers not just employees. The measure also lowers the threshold required for a request to set up information and consultation arrangements from 10% to 2% of employees.

Agency Workers (Amendment) Regulations 2019 – This amends the 2010 regulation to remove the “Swedish Derogation”, which allows employers to pay contracted workers less than direct employees.


Statutory Rates 2019/2020

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Right  Max Period  Payment 
SSP 28 weeks £94.25*

*Following four or more consecutive days of absence


Leave Entitlements 

Right  Max Period  Payment 
 Maternity Leave (SMP)  52 weeks See below
 SMP (Higher rate) 6 weeks 90% of normal weekly earnings 
 SMP (Basic rate) 33 weeks £148.68 p/w
 Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) 1 or 2 weeks £148.68 p/w or 90% of normal weekly earnings, whichever is lower
 Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) 52 weeks See below
 SAP (Higher rate) 6 weeks 90% of normal weekly earnings 
 SAP (Basic rate) 33 weeks £148.68 p/w
 Shared Parental Pay 39 weeks* £148.68 p/w or 90% of normal weekly earnings, whichever is lower
 Parental Leave** 18 weeks Unpaid 

*is dependent on the leave which has been taken by their partner SMP/SAP.
**available to some working parents in addition to SMP, SPP, SAP, and SHPP leave can be taken up until a child’s 18th birthday.


Minimum Living Wage 

Age   From April 2018   From April 2019 
 25+ £7.83 £8.21
 21-24 £7.38 £7.70
 18-20 £5.90 £6.15
 16-17 £4.20 £4.35
 Apprentices  £3.70 £3.90
 Accommodation offset limit (maximum daily deduction from NMW) / £7.55


Compensation Limits and Awards 

  Maximum Award 
 Low earnings limit  £118
 Limit on a weeks' pay £525
 Maximum basic award (Unfair Dismissal 'UD') £15,750
 Compensatory Award (UD) £86,444*
 Additional award 26-52 weeks' pay (refusal to reengage)  £27,300
 Maximum redundancy payment  £15,750
 Refusal of the right to be accompanied £1,050
 Breach of contract claims in a tribunal £25,000
 Failure to provide written particulars  £2,100
 Breach of flexible working regulations  £4,200
 Failure to inform or consult in respect of a redundancy 90 days' pay (gross)
 Failure to inform or consult in respect of a business transfer 13 weeks' pay (gross)

*£86,444 or 52 weeks’ pay (whichever is lower)


Have Questions About Any of the Above Changes?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, if you have any questions about the above regulatory changes, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team of employment solicitors.

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