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Here at Howells, our medical negligence and personal injury specialist solicitors understand what a traumatic time you have been through. Serious injury suffered due to no fault of your own can cause chronic pain, disruption, worry, loss of earnings, and concern as to how you and your family will manage in the future.

After coming to terms with the injury, one of the first questions many of our clients ask is “how much can I claim for?”

Over the years, we’ve successfully won millions of pounds for our clients and have a breadth of experience in varying cases. Our personal and professional approach enables us to meticulously plan each case to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 


Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Compensation Values Explained

To demonstrate the diversity of the cases we’ve successfully worked on, we’ve prepared a range of case studies to highlight the different circumstances that can lead to making a claim.

Medical Negligence

D v Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust - claim arising out of a negligent delay in the diagnosis of terminal renal cancer which could otherwise have been avoided. Damages were awarded for: pain, suffering and loss of amenity in addition to a significant award for future end of life care and adaptations, the claim was settled for £330,000.

T v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - claim relating to the negligent performance of knee replacement surgery resulting in substantial and permanently decreased mobility for the claimant. Damages were awarded for: pain, suffering and loss of amenity in addition to care and accommodation adaptations, totalling in excess of £305,000.

Industrial Disease

The claimant was employed as a production operator for Walkers Snack Foods. Part of her duties included the feeding of crisp packets into cassettes which proceeded along a conveyor belt.

The weight of the crisp packets was only 30g. However, the work was repetitive and the main issue was the speed in which the claimant had to ‘flick’ these packets into the cassette.

She developed pain in her right forearm and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The defendants denied liability but the claimant was successful at trial. She was awarded damages of £25,000.

Employers Liability

Mr G was employed as a ship hand in a dock. He was unloading a cargo ship when a large timber support was thrust from between a freight into his face, causing him to suffer a fractured jaw and dental damage. Mr G’s employer terminated his employment due to him being absent from work as a result of his injuries.

Acting for him, we brought a claim for breach of statutory duty against his employer, successfully securing an early admission of liability. We also secured an interim payment so our client could undergo specialist private surgery on his jaw. Court proceedings were issued, and we achieved damages of £50,000.

Public Liability

Our client was a primary school pupil who had been playing in an eco house, situated in the school grounds. The ramp leading from the eco house was wet. As the client walked down the ramp he slipped, sustaining a fracture of the femur. Damages awarded were £15,000.

Road Traffic Accidents

1. Our client was hit off his bike by a van; he suffered a broken collarbone, broken shoulder, five broken ribs and double vision. Damages awarded were £22,500.

2. The claimant was driving his motorbike when it was involved in a collision with the defendant’s motor vehicle at a junction. The claimant sustained a severe traumatic brain injury.

At the time of the accident he had his own business which evidence showed was profitable, his short-term plan had been to expand that business. He had a young family. The medical evidence obtained confirmed that the claimant would be unable to hold down paid employment as a result of the accident.

His ongoing limitations included restricted mobility, fatigue and behavioural issues. Liability was settled on a 60/40 split in the claimant’s favour. The gross damages awarded exceeded £4 million.

Occupier’s Liability

Our client was shopping in a supermarket and as she approached the check-out area, suddenly without any warning, she slipped on the floor. Our client twisted on her left knee and then landed on the floor. As our client looked down she could see that there were a number of grapes on the floor that had been squashed with a trail showing the area of slip.

Our client noticed that there was also grape residue on her right shoe. The claimant suffered a soft tissue sprain to the left knee which required an MRI scan, a soft tissue injury to the left wrist which resolved 12 months from the date of the accident, along with an exacerbation of osteo-arthritis to the left middle finger by 3 months. Damages awarded were £6,050.13.


Could You Have a Claim?

Every year in the UK over 3 million people suffer personal injuries from accidents whilst at home, at work, or in their car. Often these accidents are someone else’s fault and if you are the victim then you may have the right to claim compensation.

At Howells, we understand how distressing and confusing the whole compensation process can be, that’s why we’re running a series of free legal advice clinics. Our personal injury and medical negligence solicitors will be going into local communities to provide their expert advice.

Starting on the 10th October in Pembroke Dock Rugby Football Club, the clinics will run from 8am – 7pm to enable all potential clients to make appointments or drop in when it suits.

Our personal injury solicitors can advise you on this area of law and help you receive financial compensation for the pain and loss suffered. So, to book your place at our legal advice clinic and receive a free consultation with one of our expert solicitors, text INJURED to 66 777.

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