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If you are representing yourself or your company in an employment tribunal without a legal representative, we recommend you register for our FREE employment law webinar that we are hosting via Zoom on Thursday 19th November at 4pm.


What Can You Expect from the Webinar?

Our employment law experts will be providing their expert legal advice and knowledge for claimants and respondents to help prepare for a case management preliminary hearing. This will include how to organise and collate your evidence in advance of the employment tribunal, as well as what you can do personally to ensure you are prepared.

To register for your free place on our webinar, please click here.

Gemma Bailey, Head of Employment Litigation and Disputes and her colleague, Nayo Kirkpatrick, Associate will be presenting the webinar. Both of whom are vastly experienced with many years of experience representing clients in employment tribunal cases.

Explaining why we have decided to host this free event, Gemma Bailey explained:

We can see that the number of claims reaching the employment tribunal has risen dramatically in the last 6 months and, with the current stresses and strains on the economy, it is inevitable that many parties will be running the cases themselves with legal representatives. 

“Employment tribunal litigation can be a daunting prospect. It will often be new territory and, even for those who practice it daily, can be a very time-consuming task. So, in our effort to contribute to guidance available to help such parties, we are offering to share our tips to help anyone ‘going it alone’ (whether a claimant or a respondent) better organise and manage their case preparation.”


Want to Learn More About Employment Law?

If you would like to learn more about employment law and specifically employment tribunals, please read our blog posts on the topic here. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss your specific case.




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