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Here at Howells Solicitors, our probate solicitors regularly blog and answer frequently asked questions such as ‘how long does probate take?’ and ‘what is a grant of probate?’. In this post, we have collated some of our most useful advice and guidance regarding wills and probate in one handy hub.


Why Use a Probate Solicitor? 

It is possible to handle probate yourself as the executor of a will, however we would always recommend using a probate solicitor. This post details how using an expert can help save you time and money during this stressful period of your life. 


How to Find a Trusted Probate Solicitor 

During an emotional time, it is important to deal with professionals you trust and feel will represent your needs to their best capabilities. Here Hayley Rees shares her best tips for finding a quality wills and probate service. 


A Step-By-Step Guide to Probate from Howells Solicitors 


The legal process of probate can be hard to navigate when grieving, so our probate solicitors have created a handy step-by-step guide to the process to clarify what your next steps should be. 


Inheritance After Divorce: Will I Still be Entitled?

What happens if your ex-partner comes into money during or recently after your divorce? Will you be entitled to a share of the inheritance? Our solicitors explain the legal obligations and how you can protect your future wealth. 


Adding a Codicil Vs Updating Your Will 

If there any changes in your personal circumstances, such as having a child or getting married, then it is important to review your last will and testament. Here our solicitors advise the best methods for doing this. 


We Can’t Find the Executor of a Will – What Do We Do? 

On occasion, it can be hard to locate the executor of a will after a loss – this is particularly true if a will was written some decades before the individual’s passing. In this post, our solicitors advise what you should do if you have had an unfruitful search and how our team can help. 

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Probate and Wills Jargon Buster 

Don’t get confused by the legal jargon and terminology that surrounds the legal process. Here our solicitors define some of the most commonly used terms, so you’re aware of what’s going on at all times. 


Have Further Questions About Wills and Probate? 

If you did not find what you were looking for here, please explore our other content on wills and probate here or contact our friendly solicitors with your query on 0808 178 2773. 

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