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Going through a divorce can be a very turbulent time, with difficulties appearing at every twist and turn. Finding a lawyer doesn’t have to be a challenge to overcome, but it is important that you pick a divorce solicitor who is right for you.

A good solicitor will help you to exit your marriage with as little legal fuss as possible, securing your financial future and helping to you come to a workable settlement with any children. There are thousands of solicitors across England and Wales, so how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one?

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer

There are many different aspects of law, so it is important that you find someone who is experienced and well-practiced in handling divorce cases. They will know the best ways to handle things and can save you a lot of time and heartache by dealing with your case as efficiently as possible.

Many aspects of divorce and family law are constantly changing, by using a specialist you can rest assured that you will have a good divorce lawyer and won’t experience any legal hiccups.

Search the Legal 500

This is a large collection of the best law firms in the country for any given legal specialism. All rankings are based on independent ratings, creating this unbiased list. There are several categories available, helping you to narrow your search down to individual solicitors, law firms, locality and legal specialty. 

Find a Solicitor Who Cares

Some solicitors see every case as simply business, while others will pull out the stops to make sure that you are looked after and feel comfortable. While this can be a hard thing to find, there are certain things you can look for to give an impression of how much they care. One of these is reviews by previous customers, this can give you a good idea of how they typically treat their customers, helping good divorce lawyers to stand out from the rest.


While there is nothing wrong with hiring a solicitor who is relatively new to the field, taking on someone with more experience can be extremely beneficial. If there are any complex areas in your case then they will have a wealth of knowledge on how to handle the situation. Well established law firms will have years of experience behind them and several specialist solicitors, putting them in the prime position to deal with any difficulties.

Talk to a Friend

If you’ve had a friend who’s been divorced then asking them who they used and whether they would recommend them is a great source of information. Generally, if someone you know has had a good or bad experience with solicitors then you can expect the same sort of treatment.

Do You Trust Them?

When picking a divorce solicitor you need to be able to place your absolute confidence in their abilities, which makes this a very personal decision. Before taking on any solicitor sit down or ring up for a chat, talk about your situation and find out what they say about your legal course of action. This initial communication can be very instrumental in making a decision as you can get a better feeling for the solicitor and how you will be treated throughout the process.

Make Your Choice

If you find a solicitor that ticks all the boxes above then you need to ask them if they will represent you. This is as simple as calling them up and asking if you can hire their services. This is an important decision to make but, by ensuring all of the above measures have been taken, you can rest assured that you’re making the right one.

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