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Most people now know that they can make a claim for compensation if they suffer a personal injury that wasn’t their fault, but what exactly can be categorised as a ‘personal injury’ and how long after an incident can you make a claim? 

Our personal injury solicitors explain the basic need-to-know info here:

Categorising a Personal Injury

A ‘personal injury’ is any physical or psychological injury, disease or illness. Slips, trips and falls are the most common, however there are many different examples of personal injury, such as:

• Work-related illness e.g. disease caused by asbestos inhalation

• Stress-related psychological conditions 

• Injury caused by a faulty goods or services 

• Psychological illness caused by discrimination or harassment in the workplace 


Methods for Seeking Compensation

Although we would always recommend seeking the advice and guidance of an experienced personal injury solicitor who is familiar with the legal system, there are other ways of requesting recompense. These include:

• Using a claims assessor

• A Civil Court action 

• Government compensation schemes or (in Wales only) the NHS Redress Arrangements 

• A criminal compensation order or making a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority 


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Act Quickly as There May Be Time Restrictions

We would always recommend seeking the advice of a trained personal injury solicitors firm as soon as possible after an event has occurred. This is because there are time limits under which personal injury claims can be made. 

If your personal injury compensation case relies upon the claim that negligence is to blame for your misgivings, you will have three years to begin proceedings. However, if you can prove that your condition prevented you from making a claim during this period, a court may decide to extend this time limit.  

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Be Aware of Social Security Benefit Repayments 

If you have been receiving benefits as a result of your personal injury and then receive compensation, you may be required to pay these back out of your lump-sum. This area of the law is extremely complex, so we would recommend seeking specialist legal advice if you’re likely to be affected by this.


Are You Looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor?

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