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moving drains for extension

This week in our FAQ series, our property team advise whether a homeowner will need to communicate with their water provider about a new extension that could affect public sewers in the local area.

Q: I have a Victorian terraced property and want to extend the back of it further into my garden. However, in my garden there is a manhole cover with a sewer pipe that’s connected to my neighbour.

I paid my water company to conduct an asset location search to see if there were any public assets on my property, and they found none. If I complete my extension without damaging any sewer pipes, and maintain access to the manhole, will I still have to pay my water company for their agreement?

Are there any rules that I must abide by when building an extension over drains?  More...

overhanging tree law

In the newest edition of our legal FAQ series, we help someone who’s worried that their Uncle is at risk of a potential lawsuit.

Q: My uncle’s house has a very large garden with many huge trees in it, some of which are old and look dead.

Four of the trees overhang the road and could easily fall into it and injure someone. I have warned my uncle of the possible dangers but he has done nothing at all.

What is the UK law on overhanging trees? Can you give me some advice to pass on to him in the hope that he will take heed? More...


buying someone out of a house

In our FAQ series, our solicitors advise a sibling who could be forced to get involved in a messy divorce case.


My sister and I were given our family’s holiday villa in France after our parents divorced around 20 years ago. It was intended to be used by our friends and family.

Now, my sister is in the process of getting divorced and it’s proving highly acrimonious. Because I inherited the house with my sibling, she tells me that the property is at risk of getting sold as a result and that I need to seek legal advice of my own. Of course, I don’t want to lose my parents’ villa but I’m also extremely wary of getting involved in her divorce or spending any money.

Can you buy out siblings from an inherited house? What should my next step be? More...

equity release

The latest blog in our conveyancing FAQs series sees our solicitors help out a person whose parents may be able to increase the size of their retirement nest egg.

Should my parents consider equity release?

Q: My mum is 67 and dad 73. They have been self-employed throughout their working lives, but because they didn’t have a private pension and enjoyed the good times they don’t have much saved up in retirement.

As a result, since retiring 7 years ago they haven’t had much money to spend. However they do own a mews house mortgage free which has greatly increased in price because of its location. I have a good career and don’t want them to leave all their money to me if it means they’re not enjoying retirement. 

Should I suggest equity release to them? More...

tenants in common

The latest episode of our FAQ series sees our expert solicitors asked what rights tenants in common have when it comes to forcing the other to sell.

Q: Six years ago, my friend and I invested in a property as "tenants in common". When we bought the house, we both agreed that we would hold on the property for at least five years, and then look at selling it. 

In the intervening years, I have got married, while my friend has left the UK and is working abroad. I’m now looking for the exit strategy that we discussed, but he wants to continue owning the property.

What are our rights? Can tenants in common force a sale? Or is there a way I can make him sell his share to me so that my spouse and I can own it and live in it as our family home? More...

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