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It would be a hard push to find anyone in the UK not affected, either directly or indirectly, by Covid 19.

There have been far reaching changes in our personal interactions (social distancing, cleaning of shared spaces, wearing of masks, etc.) and also in our interactions with businesses, for example the increase in online payments.

To navigate these changes, there have been instances of individual and community action. Whether it’s Capt. Sir Tom Moore or the local grocer setting up a vulnerable person’s delivery group, there have been many instances of help with the impact of Covid 19.

Many people are keen to help, but this may lead to unintended consequences as can be seen in the Bakery Manager case.

This came about through the rise in a cashless society and an increase in the contactless payment world. This has only been increased by the reluctance to handle cash in the current health climate. More...

Following Rishi Sunak’s announcement on 24th September 2020, we had all been preparing for the introduction of the Job Support Scheme (JSS). However, on Saturday 31st October 2020, the Prime Minister announced:

“From Thursday until the start of December, you must stay at home.

“You may only leave home for specific reasons [...] This is why we are also going to extend the furlough system through November. The furlough scheme was a success in the spring. It supported people and businesses in a critical time. We will not end it. We will extend it until December.”

England will go into ‘lockdown’ from Thursday 5th November 2020. The restrictions will be in force for a month. To find out more about the restrictions in England, please click here.

If you are based in Wales, the “firebreak lockdown” restrictions have been in place since 6pm on Friday 23rd October 2020. The First Minister of Wales has reassured those living in Wales that the firebreak will end on Monday 9th November 2020 at 12:01am. To find out more about the restrictions in Wales, please click here. More...

In these strange times, there will be some of us who are looking forward to Christmas. A time when families (can hopefully) get together and celebrate the season of goodwill.

Sadly, for some, it can be the total opposite. This can be the case for separated families where one parent does not have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children at this special part of the year.

In this post, our family law experts provide their advice on Christmas after divorce or separation, and will be happy to work with you to overcome any related problems you might encounter this Christmas trying to gain access to your children. More...

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If a friend or family member has passed away, then you are likely to want to pay your respects and attend their funeral. But what happens if this is arranged during the working week? More...

It’s a term that’s used a lot, but, if you’ve never required their services, you may not know what they do and can offer. So, here we examines what social services are for, what they do, and what you need to know if they have contacted you. More...

With effect from 15th February 2015 EU Regulations on Consumer Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) allow consumers who bought our services online to submit their complaint via an online complaint portal.

We are required under the regulations to provide our clients the following information:-
  1. Link to the ODR platform - please follow the following link for further information (
  2. Our contact email address in case of a complaint under the ODR regulation – Andrea Coombes