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The Employment Tribunal have published their quarterly statistics for July to September 2020 and it is clear that there has been an increase in employment claims being submitted.

Read about what types of claims have risen, here. More...

Since the coronavirus pandemic’s first lockdown in March 2020, there has been disappointment for many betrothed couples who have had to postpone and rearrange their weddings on multiple occasions. Some have gone ahead, where possible, but restrictions have forced them to dramatically change their original plans.

With both the marriage act and the Government’s decisions forcing big changes to weddings in 2020 – with some only allowed 15 guests – many people are now pondering whether the marriage act is still fit for purpose.

For example, to be legal, wedding ceremonies must be held in a registered venue and strict restrictions mean you cannot get married outdoors – limiting numbers for a covid wedding. Adding a further complication, you must give notice of intent to marry in person. You cannot contact a registrar via phone, post or email – something which has not been possible for many throughout lockdown.

Marriage reform is now being proposed, as a result. More...

‘No Jab, No Job’, that’s the vaccine policy Pimlico Plumbers, Founder and Chairman, Charlie Mullins, plans to adopt.

Speaking to City A.M, Mr Mullins has revealed that the company’s lawyers would be modifying contracts to make the vaccine mandatory for all new hires and require existing workers to have a vaccine, but is this something employers can legally implement? More...