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Successful Personal Injury Claims

Employer’s Liability

Client was working as an apprentice labourer. He was given the task of laying trestles on the roof of a 3 storey building. He caught his foot on a trestle and twisted his knee badly. The client had to undergo a surgical procedure to reconstruct the ligaments of his knee.
Damages awarded: £8,500.00

Client suffered an injury at work when she tripped on an uncovered electrical outlet. The client suffered injuries to her knee and ankle for a period of 6-9 months.
Damages awarded: £3,630.00
(Client has sent a thank you card which reads “Just to say a massive thank you for all your help and the successful outcome of my Personal Injury claim”.)

The Claimant was working in an office when part of a light fitting came away from the ceiling and struck him on his head. Our client sustained 2 cuts to his scalp, along with headaches and mild neck pain.
Damages awarded: £4,000.00

Our client was unloading a HGV van during the course of his employment, there was a fault with the side door of the van and this caused his fingers to become trapped in the door. The clients main injuries were to his 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers on his left hand requiring a washout procedure, damage to his nails; he also fractured his thumb.
Damages awarded: £11,000.00

Our client was using a drill during the course of his employment, the drill did not have a guard fitted to it and his left glove became caught in the mechanism, his left hand was pulled into the blade and he suffered cuts to his left thumb before he was able to turn off the main power.
Damages awarded: £5,546.79

Public Liability

Client was a primary school pupil who had been playing in an Eco House, situated in the school grounds. The ramp leading from the Eco House was wet. As the client walked down the ramp he slipped, sustaining a fracture of the femur.
Damages awarded: £15,000.00

Our client was partaking in an early morning jog when he was suddenly and without warning bitten by an Alsatian police dog on his right leg below the curvature of his right buttock cheek. The two police dogs were on an early training exercise and were off the lead running out of the control of the police officer. Our client did not approach the dogs or do anything to provoke the attack.
Our client did not want to attend a medical appointment and as such accepted an early offer of £1000.00 to settle the claim.

Road Traffic Accident

The client was driving along the road when a Third Party failed to stop at a junction and emerged from a side road and into the path of the client, causing a collision. The client suffered neck and shoulder pain for a period of 12-15 months. Physiotherapy arranged.
Damages awarded: £3,725.00

Client was a pedestrian who was knocked down by a reversing van. He suffered a haemorrhage causing pressure behind the left eye and a fractured shoulder.
Damages: £14,500.00

Client was a driver of a vehicle that was struck in the rear. He suffered an acceleration injury to his neck and back.
Damages awarded: £7,000.00

Our client was hit off his bike by a van; he suffered a broken collarbone, broken shoulder, five broken ribs and double vision.
Damages awarded: £22,500.00

Our client was helping a gentleman whose vehicle had broken down on a carriageway when he was struck by a Third Party vehicle, causing the client to be crushed against the reversing vehicle and a barrier at the side of the carriageway. The accident resulted in our client sustaining laceration injuries to his left calf. We were not only successful in recovering damages in relation to the Clients injuries, but we also recovered his loss of earnings, travel costs and a monetary sum for damage to his clothing as a result of the accident.
Damages awarded: £12,000.00

Our client was stationary at a roundabout when a third party vehicle failed to stop, and collided with the rear of her vehicle resulting in our client suffering pain to her neck, back and shoulders which resolved 9-12 months on from the date of accident. Physiotherapy arranged.
Damages awarded: £3,893.00

Occupier’s Liability

Client suffered a fall when she slipped on a piece of fruit in the freezer aisle of a supermarket. The client suffered soft tissue injuries to her shoulder, wrist and knee, requiring physiotherapy.
Damages awarded: £3,000.00

Our client was shopping in a supermarket, as she approached the check-out area, suddenly without any warning she slipped on the floor. Our client twisted on her left knee and then landed on the floor. As our client looked down she could see that there were a number of grapes on the floor that had been squashed with a trail showing the area of slip. Our client noticed that there was also grape residue on her right shoe. The claimant suffered a soft tissue sprain to the left knee which required an MRI scan, a soft tissue injury to the left wrist which resolved 12 months from the date of the accident, along with an exacerbation of osteo-arthritis to the left middle finger by 3 months.
Damages awarded: £6,050.13

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